Discover the Best Tires for Your Car & Your Driving Style

Are you looking for new tires? Is your vehicle starting to hydroplane on water or snow? Our tires make constant contact with the road leading to wear-and-tear that can become dangerous if not replaced when necessary. Bowlus Auto Center offers tire installation for all vehicle types and can order any brand of tires for your vehicle needs. We have a history of offering the best tire service in the area and continue to offer the customer service and satisfaction you deserve.

We Currently Offer Many Different Types Of Tire Installations

Basic Installs

Wagons & Implements

Custom Installs (20' or Larger)

Note: We don't install tractor tires.

Road Force Balancing

Another great tire service we offer is road force balance, also known as ride matching. Road force balancers measure the force variation and runout of the whole wheel and tire assembly to ensure the system is balanced. In the end this leads to a much smoother ride and can resolve the persistent vibration problems that some vehicles have.

Some of Our Favorite Tire Brands

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