Our Story

Bowlus Auto Center is a small family-owned business in the town of Bowlus. Jaret and wife Mara have owned the business since March of 2011. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Bowlus Auto center is ready to serve the community.

Bowlus Family Photo

On a dreary night around midnight in 2015 the Bowlus Auto Center shop burned down. It was a surprise to how the fire started, and it was a surprise how quickly the flames spread. Owner, Jaret Glader, was in the shop the night of the fire and is extremely humbled due to the fact he made it out alive. There was no saving the building, so it was torn down. The shop was the sole income for the family of 4, so losing it was devastating. That did not stop the family from continuing their business however, and they worked hard to get back to business and not let this knock them down.


bowlus auto center building


New Shop Exterior of Bowlus Auto Center

We have since re-opened our shop and our spirits have remained the same. This was only a small hiccup in our path, and we grow from it each and every day. We care for the community and love being a part of the small business community where we know everyone by their names.

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